Platinum members have privileged access to unlimited gym usage within gym operating hours and is provided with free use of Automated Lockers, Workout Towels, Sauna, Fitness Test and BodyFat Analysis, Exercise Program Orientation, and free WIFI access at KANDAYA CAFÉ.


The Gold Membership is exclusively for Senior Citizens (60 yrs.above) and Students (Tertiary Level) who can benefit from a 20% discounted rate. Gold Members will experience the same privileges and benefits as the Platinum members. All Seniors are entitled to a Free “ Start Living Healthier Seniors Program”, a specialized exercise routine that will decrease Heart Disease, Prevent and Reduce Osteoporosis, Improve flexibility, and Improve Blood Circulation.


The Silver Membership is a Non-Peak Hour Discounted Rate which has limited access between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM only. Take advantage of the 28% discount and get the same privilages as Platinum members during non-peak hours.